BACK TO REALITY: Drew Reportedly ‘All Set’ to Play in 43% of Games This Season

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“He probably hurt it pouring milk on his cereal.” mused Dustin Pedroia

“Maybe it happened while he was losing a game of hold’em or watching NASCAR,” guessed Tim Wakefield.

“Eating a turkey sandwich,” proposed David Ortiz.

“I don’t know,” lamented manager Terry Francona, ” That guy gets hurt just (expletive) thinking about playing the game.”

The above comments were in response to that all too familiar question around the Red Sox clubhouse: How did JD Drew get hurt yet again?  The oft injured right fielder has earned himself the ‘what is it now?’ reputation around the league.

JD Drew has spent much of the last two seasons nursing injuries on the bench.  Only, these aren’t injuries like they show you on ESPN in slow motion or the ones that legitimately sideline players.  JD misses games for things like ‘stiffness’ and ‘tightness’ and ‘lameness’ and ‘ouchies’ and ‘boo-boos’.


Drew is congratulated coming off the field by his teammates for playing in his second consecutive game last season.

Drew’s stiff back has plagued him last season and apparently nagged him over the off season leading up to his arrival at camp, still feeling tightness in his back.  Around the clubhouse there is buzz about the upcoming seasons JD DREW DAY OFFice pool.  The veterans have been spotted throwing tightly rolled wads of cash into a small box, while the younger, less established players sheepishly place tens and twenties in the box.  They are guessing the number of days taken off by the right fielder.

Says Ortiz, “You know, man. All I know is I’m taking the pool this year.  Aint no goddamn rookies taking my money, you know? “

When asked about JD Drew keeping off the DL and on the field he replied, “It don’t matter.  He’s still part of this team  When he’s in and hitting that’s good, you know?  But when he’s out, more than likely I am taking the pool money.”

The Sox are hopeful that their expensive and occasionally productive right fielder will be more than a part time player.  When you’re paid $14 million a season it’s time to play through some stiffness–or kick some of that money to back-ups Rocco Baldelli and Mark Kotsay.  Or do as Ortiz has suggested numerous times with a toothy grin and contribute it to a special charity called the Day Off Foundation.


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