OUTLOOK 09′– Straight Outta Infield

A look at the starting infield of the 2009 Boston Red Sox and their projected 2009 season outlooks.



“When I strikeout I get really, really (expletive) angry.” said first baseman Kevin Youkilis when asked about his outlook for the 2009 season. “Really angry.” he added. When asked again to give his 2009 season outlook he replied: “Good, I hope.



Dustin spoke at length about his new hobby of shining trophies and drinking. He did not elaborate on the upcoming season. Red Sox Nation hopes he does well and it is assumed that he does as well. When asked about his off-season workout regiment he answered: “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Yeah, man, weights, hittin’ aqn’ stuff.”



The above image displays Lowrie’s lateral quickness and range. While he is not playing ball he reads the newspaper and sleeps. This season his outlook is upbeat: “Do good. Play shortstop. Hit good and field good as well.” He also hopes to be able to read the newspaper a lot, at least when the clubhouse newspaper is not already being used by another player–which has actually never happened



“You know, for this next season I want to do better with hitting. And fielding. And better with throwing and running. And other things you know?” You are not alone, Julio Lugo. We want you to, as well.



Lowell’s off season regimen (pictured above) may not lend itself to a productive season but everyone likes Mike Lowell, so go get’em Mike Lowell.


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  1. Andrew Constantine

    Yo man dustin…. I love ya..your my favorite player ever.. i even bat like u…. thanks

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