OUTLOOK 09′– Out In The Field

A look at the starting outfield of the 2009 Boston Red Sox and their projected 2009 season outlooks. We’ll also toss Rocco Baldelli in there, too, because well, he is from Rhode Island and that’s pretty cool I guess.



Jason Bay (pictured above) lets his hair down for an interview on NESN. He is the calm, reserved yin to Manny Ramirez’ dread-locked zany yang. He says while he is down with salsa and reggaeton he prefers “Loverboy” and ‘Rush’ and other favorites from his homeland up north in Canada. “What is good enough for the queen is probably good enough for me, I suppose.” he says sheepishly.

As for the season he just wants to hits about 30 homers, drive in a hundred runs, and unwind with some chilled LaBatt’s Bleue on road trips.



Perhaps the Red Sox who fits into the “What-Have-You-Done-For-Me-Lately (or since 2007, even)” category this year is Jacoby Ellsbury. He hopes that working at his uncle’s tire yard in the off-season will help him hit the inside pitch that so fooled him last season.

“I think it will. Lotta big tires. Luggin’. Throwing them. Hardly ever got to just roll them.” he says of his off-season approach at the tire yard.



Shown here hitting the $28 million grand slam back in October 2007, he really could use a good season to shut everyone from Madawaska to Danbury up who thinks of him as a passionless softie who gets paid too much. I mean, he does get paid a lot …and he does miss a lot of time… and he doesn’t seem to be all that interested…but I mean…um. He really needs a good year to make it in this town another year.

Drew opted out of this interview citing tightness in his back and legs so he could not offer any comment.


ROCCO BALDELLI–RF (When Drew gets hurt)

People in Tampa might have been entertained by the ol’ balancing three cups on your bat trick (I mean they still cheer pop flies and need directions to their own ballpark) but Boston fans have seen that time and time again, so he’ll have to do more than just that with the bat.

He’ll get plenty of time to play. Drew gets hurt a lot and Jacoby doesn’t hit lefties or hard throwers well. Actually, he will see a lot of time. Unless Drew doesn’t get hurt much and Jacoby figures out how to hit hard throwers and the inside pitch then Rocco might not get many at bats.

As Rocco puts it: “Terry told me that I had better be the (expletive) ready to play at any given moment with those two (expletive)-clowns playing in front of me.”


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